Praia Verde

Der beliebte Strand erstreckt sich vor flachen Dünen und einem kleinen Pinienwald. Einige schicke, hippe Restaurants sind hier angesiedelt und sorgen dafür, dass der Strand besonders bei jungen portugiesischen Familien sehr beliebt ist. Der Sand fällt hier seicht ins Wasser ab und es gibt keine starken Strömungen, das macht diesen Abschnitt perfekt für Kinder. Im Sommer ist dieser Strand gut besucht und bietet Strandliegen, Thai Massagen, Wassersport Aktivitäten und Gastronomische Highlights in den diversen Restaurants, wie z.B. Sushi etc.

Von Faro aus erreicht man den Praia Verde in ca. 45 Minuten und ist ca. 6 KM von der spanischen Grenze entfernt.  Es sind ausreichend Parkplätze vorhanden und der Strand ist über einen Holzsteg bequem zu erreichen.


Praia da Coelha

At the so-called rabbit beach you will find magnificent shells and a restaurant, which is known for its fish dishes, sun worshipers but also with small snacks, cool drinks and ice spoils. The path from the parking lot, leads over a beautiful dirt road, down to the beach. If you want to see the panorama of the higher coast, you can find the best vantage points on the various paths.

The beach is used equally by locals and visitors to the HAPIMAG resort, but is never really overpopulated. Also here you can rent beach chairs and a lifeguard is also in the summer months on site.

Praia dos Pescadores

The Fishermen beach is right next to Albufeira’s old town and is perfect for families, providing entertainment and suspense all day long. Numerous restaurants, bars, shops and cafes are located around the beach and offer everything your heart desires. You can also rent a retreat boat and canoe to explore the bay from the water, try stand up paddling or watch the kids romp around on the water playground. Even more action is promised by tours on the jet ski or the banana boat. Kiters or windsurfers will not get their money’s worth here due to the calm water conditions.

Praia do Inatel

On a total of 2 km of sand, the three beaches of Albufeira extend: Praia dos Alemães, Praia do Inatel and Praia dos Pescadores. The Praia do Inatel is located in the center, named after the Hotel Inatel in the immediate vicinity. This beach is popular with locals and tourists alike. There are some trails along the cliffs that lead to hidden vantage points from which you can take fantastic panoramic views. The beach itself is always busy, but you can still find a place to spread your towel during the summer months. A lifeguard ensures safety in the water, even if swimming is not dangerous here.

Praia dos Alemães

Praia dos Alemães translated means “beach of the Germans”, even if you should not be fooled by the name, because you usually meet more Dutch and English than German. This beach section is definitely suitable for active vacationers. Families with children like to come to this beach, because a few meters from the beach there is a floating playground. On the inflatable platform, the little ones can let off steam and prove their sporting skills on the slippery course. For cooling off, take a ride on the Banana boat. Lifeguards have the bathers well in view and if you want to rest a bit, under a beach umbrellas always a shady spot to relax. Beach bars and restaurants are in the immediate vicinity, on the rented deck chairs you can have your order also brought directly to the beach chair.

Praia da Oura

The golden beach is located directly in the tourist center of Albufeira. That’s why the service and entertainment factor is particularly high here. Various shops and cafes offer everything you need for a relaxing beach day. Bars and restaurants line up here and make sure that nobody has to stay hungry. Beach vendors offer towels, sunglasses, selfiesticks and more. If you leave all that behind, you only have to disconnect a few steps from the beach. Yellow and orange parasols provide protection from the sun. There are also some other water activities, such as a floating sofa or a banana boat. Some bars are also open in the evening and invite you to dance after sunset.

Praia de St. Eulália

The approximately 550m long, fine sandy beach is located directly in front of the eponymous luxury resort Grande Real Santa Eulália, but is accessible to everyone. The entire environment is therefore particularly impressive. Right at the beginning you will find a beach chairs rental and water sports is available here. The restaurant is very good and is more in the upscale price range.

Praia da Maria Luísa

Between the resorts of Santa Eulália and Olhos de Água is the narrow strip of sand, which is used mainly by the guests of a large resort hotel above the cliff, especially in the summer months. There is also a parking lot right on the beach. Lifeguards, beach chairs and umbrellas and a water sports fan ensure optimal security and entertainment, there is also a restaurant here. The shallow entry into the water makes this beach particularly attractive for families with children.

Praia dos Olhos de Agua

Seven miles from Albufeira is Olhos de Agua, a resort that has retained its fishing charm on the beach. The nets are drying here in the sun while the boats are waiting to run out again. If you arrive by car, you can park your car in a nearby paid car park and walk down a small pedestrian street down to the beach. The narrow strip of sand is always well visited, especially in the summer months. Various bars and restaurants ensure the well-being of the immediate beach. We can highly recommend the Pizzaria Fratelli’s. Who does not shy away from a small walk over the cliffs, will find himself soon in a small bay, which is spared the hustle and bustle. On the eastern side of the beach, a narrow path leads over the cliffs.

Praia Barranco das Belharucas

To get here, you have to walk through a gorge that opens from the sea into the interior, exposing the view of the stunning rocks. The journey is easy, the way is well signposted and the parking lot offers plenty of parking. There are beach chairs and umbrellas to rent, two restaurants, as well as showers and lifeguards on site. A small water sports provider is also located here, he offers, for example Banana boating and jet skiing. Surfers have to bring their own equipment. The beach is mostly used by families and peace seekers. There is not much hustle and bustle here.