The slide park in Alcantarilha, located directly on the EN125, is a bit smaller than the Slide and Splash, but not quite as crowded in summer. There are several slides, a wave pool, a river, a large pool for swimming, a water park for the little ones, a restaurant and 2 kiosks.

On the sunbathing area are umbrellas and sun loungers, which you can rent for the day. A couch costs 4 €, but you can also on a brought towel on the lawn.

The food is good but a little more expensive than in other parks. If you have the opportunity, you are well advised to take something with you.

Entrance fees are as follows:

Children up to 5 years have free admission

Children from 6 to 10 years: 21 €

Adults: 29 €

Seniors over 65: 21 €

There are numerous promotions for this park: For example, those who buy their tickets online receive a 50% discount (children and seniors 32.5%). If you would like to visit the park a second time, you can already buy your ticket on the day of the first visit and then usually pay only 9 € per person.

Who takes too long to queue can buy a fast pass. This gives priority to every slide.

The park is open every summer from June to mid-September.

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