Carneval in Portugal

One of the most memorable times to visit Portugal is the late winter / early spring, when the country literally explodes during the annual carnival season in a frenzy of color song and dance. The highlight is traditionally on Carnival Tuesday, a holiday on March 5, 2019, In many cities and villages throughout the country, everyday life comes to a standstill, while lively parades of brightly colored cars fill the streets. Carnival is celebrated all over Portugal with the biggest and brightest carnival parades observed in Ovar, Sesimbra, Torres Vedros, Funchal and Loulé by hordes of revelers, many of course also costumed..Some days Before the festivities begin, most Portuguese hotels offer special offers for the carnival season. Partys of the package are Brazilian-style parties and live entertainment. The carnival tradition began several centuries ago in Italy, the Catholic faithful held a costume festival the night before the first fasting day. Because Catholics should not eat meat during this time, they called the festival “Carnevale”, which means “to put the meat away”. Over time, carnival in Italy became more popular and practice spread to France, Spain and finally to all Catholic countries in Europe. When the French, Spaniards and Portuguese began to take control of America and other parts of the world, they took their tradition to celebrate the carnival.