16. Vila Real de Santo António

The pale gold of miles of sandy beaches. The turquoise blue sea. The green of the pine forests. Brushstrokes of color from the palette of delights that Vila Real de Santo Antonio and its community is, natural charms, complemented by the lively cosmopolitan atmosphere of a major tourist center. The tranquility of a coast, where it is still possible to rediscover the loneliness. The fauna and flora of a nature reserve and a nature park.

15. Vila do Bispo

The mythical atmosphere around Sagres and Cabo de São Vicente (Cape St. Vincent), places that have been dedicated to the gods for millennia. The pristine coastline with dramatic horizons of cliffs and sea; the many menhirs that testify to prehistoric rites; Memories of the epic of discoveries and the enigmatic figure of Prince Henry the Navigator: these are the attractions of Vila do Bispo and its community, a large triangle in which the sea is constantly present. And where nature blends with history to create a unique region worth exploring.

14. Tavira

Beautiful empty beaches with sand that seem to go on forever. Fields of orange trees, heavy with the scent of flowers. Then hills of fig and almond trees, houses with bright whitewashed walls and striking chimneys, which are modeled on the fine lace machine. And last but not least, the large open spaces of the hills, from where the birds ascend, sing and where flowers bloom. This is just a small reference to the charm of Tavira and his community, an invitation to learn more.

13. Silves

The deep green foliage of orange trees in fertile valleys. The blue sea and the fast-paced life of an international seaside resort; the picturesque charm of the houses, surrounded by almond and carob trees; the wide hills that are a paradise for hikers and nature lovers: these are the attractions of the municipality of Silves, for a holiday full of joie de vivre.

12. São Brás de Alportel

The rounded hills are covered with rock roses, cork oaks and medronhobars. Gentle landscapes like watercolors, white houses surrounded by green fields and orchards; Reflections in the slowly moving surface of a river; the play of light and shadow on an old, whitewashed wall: in such simple things lies the beauty of São Brás de Alportel and its community, each an invitation to come and relax and enjoy the tranquility.

11. Portimão

First, the blue sea and its gently rippling waves. Then fine, golden sand framed by cliffs and rocks. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of an international tourism destination. This is the Algarve of beach vacation in the sun. However, Portimão and its community have much more to offer: a rich heritage of historical monuments; the eternal natural beauty of the Ria de Alvor; The charm of the cultivated fields, the slopes covered with pines and wild flowers, as you climb the hills of the Serra, your days in the Algarve gain a new dimension.

10. Olhão

The calm waters The islands and the long stretches of beach are an ideal place for swimming and sunbathing. the Ria Formosa, a paradise for nature lovers; and in the background the landscape of white houses: these are the attractions of Olhão and its community, a great place for a holiday full of sun, life and a whole host of charms.

9. Monchique

“Green, how I love you green”. The poet might have written from the wooded slopes of Monchique, because after the heat of the Algarve beaches, it is the coolest of the hills that is most striking. These are landscapes perfect for reflection to discover horizons that end only in the sea, for healthy walks along footpaths and beside crystalline rivers amidst rugged hills. The presence of man is reflected in the white houses that are scattered across the landscape and the terraces that are cut into the slopes and planted with fruit trees and vegetable beds. The many charms of Monchique invite you to a detailed visit of the community.

8. Loulé

The fast-paced, cosmopolitan lifestyle of the world’s leading tourist centers. A long ribbon of fine, golden sand between the blue of the sea and the bold oceans of the cliffs. The splendor of the tiles in a chapel, which is itself a work of art. The changing green of the orchards and the forests of the hills. An endless variety of decorated fireplaces, carefully crafted in a filigree of whitewashed stone and art. Wide spaces in which it is possible to rediscover the meaning of loneliness and to listen to the silence of nature. With all this and more, the municipality of Loulé is a place of sunshine and colors, fun and excitement.

7. Lagos

Gigantic sculptures, which were carved by the roaring waves and dive into a crystal-clear sea. The dazzling green of the sea caves. Beach after beach of soft sand, hidden between ocher cliffs or to the horizon. Green land with white houses. A few reasons to visit the municipality of Aljezur and discover one of the most beautiful parts of the Algarve.