Lagos Zoo

The Zoo of Lagos is a relatively small zoo complex in which more than 150 different species of animals frolic. Big predators, elephants and bears are looked for in vain. There are various species of birds, penguins, lemurs, turtles, monkeys, otters and many more.

Every modern zoo plays an active role in the conservation of nature, either through “ex situ” or “in situ” programs. Lagos Zoo participates in several EEPs (endangered species breeding programs) by the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and in awareness-raising campaigns, such as environmental campaigns, exhibitions, etc. Lagos Zoo also participates in nature conservation, in collaboration with several non-governmental organizations.

There is also a pool area right next to the penguin enclosure, only separated by a glass pane. So you can swim right next to the penguins.

The enclosures are all created generously, peacocks roam freely. The daily feedings are definitely a highlight. The times can be requested at the entrance.

Pelicans daily at 11.30

Otters, primates, pelicans and penguins

Beginning 15.00 clock, starting with the otters

For 12 € you can feed the lemur yourself (appointment must be agreed in advance) from 7 years, up to 11 years in the company of an adult

The zoo is open all year round.

April to 30th September every day from 10am to 7pm
Otober until 31st March daily from 10am to 5pm
Children up to 4 years are free

Children up to 11 years: 14 €

Adults: 18 €

Seniors from 65 years: 16 €

Who buys his ticket online receives 2 € discount

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