Praia da Barrinha

Near the Faro airport is the Peninsula do Ancão with its beautiful dune beaches. A bridge over the protected lagoon system Ria Formosa leads to the island. There is only one road on the long island. If you want to beach Barrhinha, you have to go to the eastern end of the island. At the end of the street you can park your car and continue walking towards the beach. First, the path leads over a 1.5 km long wooden bridge that leads over the dunes and then it goes on for about 500 m over the sand. The small hiking trip is worthwhile, because at the end of the island one expects this beautiful natural dune beach. Since most beach visitors prefer the more central Praia de Faro, one is usually completely undisturbed and can enjoy the tranquility and originality of the Ria Formosa. Please remember to bring enough food and sunscreen as there is no infrastructure here.