Property Purchase

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When buying a property, you must use a methodical approach to fulfilling your desires and avoiding costly mistakes. Here are some tips to succeed in your search.

Property Type

The search for your property starts with your needs and desires.

Determine the type of property you want, the purpose it should serve and what characteristics you need.


Depending on the location and type of property, the price, purchase and maintenance costs may vary.

Therefore, you should first check whether your expectations match your budget and what additional costs are to be considered.

The current real estate market has a lot of demand and little supply, so there is usually little or no room to negotiate the sales price.


In Portugal it is custom to buy the property “as seen”.

Therefore, you should pay attention to obvious defects during the viewing and write down questions you want to clarify with the seller before submitting a purchase proposal.

Purchase Proposal

There are always at least two parties involved in an agreement, and while there may be different interests and opinions, everyone involved should be satisfied with the outcome.

A fair purchase proposal with honest intentions prevents the seller from feeling offended and end the negotiation before it actually starts.

Closing the Deal

Before signing any contract, you must verify that the property documents are correct and aligned with the characteristics of the property.

A professional real estate consultant can clarify open questions, resolve conflicts of interest and help to organize the purchase process and all its steps.

Your interests are always our priority. We will advise and support you along each step and throughout the entire process, even after the sale is complete.

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