Property Selling

The best price for your property

When selling your property, you must be methodical to get the best price and fulfil your needs. Here are some topics you should pay attention to.


Update and review all documents that identify and describe the property.
This includes the utility license, tax registry, land registry, energy certificate and, for more recent properties, the technical habitation file.

A sale can only take place if all of the information matches.

Market Value Analysis

To correctly set the sales price of your property, you must first analyse the current real estate market. Supply and demand, market trends and sales statistics are the most important factors.

Marketing and Presentation

The first impression counts.

We advise you on how to best present your property and highlight the benefits with professional photographs and descriptions.

We use the Keller Williams brand and various national and international media to increase the number of potential buyers for your property and, consequently, its value.

Buyer Qualification

Before scheduling a viewing, we verify if the purchase intentions of the buyer are real and immediate.

Unfortunately, there are many fraud attempts in which sellers are lured to other countries with promising proposals.


The first impression counts. Highlight the advantages of your property and ensure that the doors open easily, the hygiene items are properly stored and the viewing is not disturbed by obstacles, smells, noise, people or animals.


There are always at least two parties involved in an agreement, and while there may be different interests and perspectives, everyone involved should be satisfied with the outcome.

Business Conclusion

Both the promissory purchase and sale agreement and the deed are only possible with clear communication between the parties.

A professional consultant helps to resolve conflicts of interest.

Your interests are always our priority. We will advise and support you along each step and throughout the entire process, even after the sale is complete.

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